Thursday, August 19, 2010


Funny how almost every one of my posts is about sleep, or lack of sleep.  Ah, the good life! :)  This is going to be short because you had better believe that I am going to take advantage of this nap time and find a little snoozage of my own.  Gokey has been running a mild fever for 24 hours now...I am almost positive that it is just some severe teething going on as it is accompanied by copious amounts of drool.  He went to bed at normal time around 7:30 pm and then awoke around an hour later, probably because of his brother's overzealous bedtime protests (thank you, X-man).  From there it was all downhill.  He would crash only to be up 10 minutes later over and over and over again for the next hourish.  J finally decided to throw in the towel and go to bed and I finally decided to throw in the towel and quit trying to make the kid sleep.  I sat down in the living room thinking he might crash if we watched a little idiot-box.  It seemed to be working...he got that glazed look for a while and was limp in my lap and then suddenly he exploded to the floor and began running delighted laps around the living and dining rooms.  So...I made myself a cup of coffee and settled in for the long haul.  Around midnight, after trying to keep him quiet for our slumbering counterparts' sake I decided a drive was in order.  Buckled him into his carseat and off we went!  Boy this city is exciting late on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning!  It worked...thankfully.  I crawled into bed around 12:30 only to be wrenched from my dreams at 4:45 this morning by his sweet cries...ugh.  There were some feeble attempts to get him back to sleep, but somehow I was too tired to even try at that for long, so...once again, we are pooped!

We did make it out on an attempted trip to the park.  Both boys crashed on the way there, so I parked the car in the park and let them sleep while I miserably sat in the driver's seat wondering why they so eagerly departed from wakefulness as soon as there was promise of excitement, but there was no convincing them that sleep should happen when we were in the comfort of our own home in the midst of boredom.  Go figure.  We had a lunch date with Nana, so turning around wasn't an option...and we had a great time at lunch, anyway (thank you, Nana)!

So...hopefully a nap is in my very near future!

Belly full of pizza...maybe now I will sleep so Momma can too!

Oh...and a shout out to my oldest and one of my dearest friends:  Happy Birthday, Erika! :)

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