Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ho ho ho...

I know, I know...I'm neglecting this thing!  We is busy, though!  Isn't everyone this time of year?  Thanksgiving came and went and we jumped head first into the Christmas season...what a wonderful and nostalgic time of year.  Having the boys around pulls the magic right back into the season, just when adulthood had almost succeeded in sucking it all away.

We spent Saturday after Turkey Day in a very festive spirit, starting with our annual trip to the tree farm to cut down our tree.  It was a beautiful day and X-man is at the age this year where he totally "gets it."  He could hardly contain himself, he was so excited.  We marched through the fields inspecting tree after tree, and when Tyler, a very helpful college kid working weekends at the family tree farm, showed up to assist us, X-man made fast friends, immediately grasping his hand and tugging him along on our journey to find THE perfect tree.  Oh to be 3 again...he makes friends with such ease!  Tyler suggested we take the tractor out to the "south field" to see if we could find something suitable.  The boys were THRILLED with the prospect, and off we went.  Upon arrival, I hopped off of the trailer, scanned the field and knew I had found our tree.  I honed in, like a heat seeking missile...our tree!  J insisted he do the cutting, though Tyler offered to do the job and the boys both "helped."  Our tree was hauled back to the shed where we enjoyed some warm apple cider as our tree was shaken...it was there we found our lovely "little" tree (it was little compared to it's friends) was 8 1/2 feet tall!  Definitely the largest tree we have ever had, but it is beautiful.

The tree-shaker was fascinating!

Daddy's little helpers

X-man's handiwork
Upon arriving home, we told the boys that we were going to eat some lunch, they were going to take naps and then when they would wake up, the tree would be up, lights would be strung and they could decorate the tree!  There were immediate protests...we won in regards to Gokey.  He was exhausted and when push came to shove there wasn't much fight left in him.  He crashed hard.  X-man reluctantly went to bed and J and I went about preparing our tree.  20 minutes later, X-man emerged from his room, "I done sweeping!"  He spotted the tree...there was no talking him down.  The battle was futile and his excitement too great.  And we learned that he is a decorating pro!  He immediately went to work hanging ornaments on the tree and was so proud of his work, that we didn't dare rearrange until he wasn't looking.  J was concerned that the 30 ornaments hanging on that 6 inch strand of lights was going to cause a short and probable fire, but we all survived the day.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...now if we could just get some of that white stuff! :)