Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To my Seester...

Today happens to be the 27th anniversary of the day my little sis was shoved into this world!  Happy Birthday, Adie! :)  This has been the theme of our day even though she is now living states away.  We called her on the phone, X-man doing his best to relay his heartfelt birthday wishes to her, but failing miserably as the pressure of spewing such a complicated wish flustered him.  Since then, though, he has requested over and over to "go to Adie's house."  How do you explain distance to a two year old?  I showed him on a map..."we live right here and Adie lives wwwaaaayyyyyyy over here."  I think he thought I was nuts...if he had the extended vocabulary I am sure he would have said something to the effect of, "um...that's 6 inches, Mom."  He was pretty much unimpressed with my explanation.  So, we did the next best thing!  We drew her a picture and had a zoo trip.  Life is good...and we hope Adie's day was as good as ours!

Boys hard at work on their Birthday creations!

I wish I would have captured his face when he realized this goat was trying to taste his head!

A boy and his goat...

Gokey getting bold

Leading the way!

...and being retrieved by big brother!

Lunch Break

He insisted that he had to talk on the question is  how in the world does he know this is a phone?  The contraptions he uses for calls bears NO resemblance.  Interesting...wise for his years!  I am pretty sure I heard him mutter, "Happy Dirtday, Adie!" :)

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