Monday, August 9, 2010

Phew...They're Asleep! I am!  It's no secret that I like to talk...incessantly.  It's usually to a fault.  My stories tend to create their own stories and take on their own lives.  It's an affliction that has been passed down through the  generations (thank you, G'ma).  I can't just say, "we went to the park."  I also have to include the details of how we decided that's where we would go, the cat we almost hit with the car on the way there (and what he looked like), the toddler conversation (or scream-fest) that was going on in the backseat, the way the sun was shining through the trees to illuminate the get the point.  I am sure there are more than one of you out there that experiences your own internal dialogue that goes something like, "I sure wish she would just get to the end of this story that will have no point."'s my solution.  My very own blog. Why not join the masses of people that assume that someone else will really want to read what they write? :)  This way when I launch into some inflated tale, you can say, "can't you just blog it?"  And then you can choose whether to read it or not.

In all actuality I need my own space to brag!  Before kids, it was about the cute things my dogs were doing on a daily basis.  Now it is about the disgusting things the kids leave behind and the dogs eat or roll in.  But, despite the horrible, smelly, obnoxious, destructive scenarios my two boys can get into or create, they are freakin' adorable and I need a place to record the moments, snapshots, conversations...the sweetness of everyday with them!  I am so afraid of sending the last one off to college and not remembering what his voice sounded like as a toddler, or how a stuck-out lip and a giant, swollen tear could tear my heart out.  I guess, more than this blog is for everyone else to read, selfishly, it's for me. on...or don't.  The next twenty-somethingish years will fly by regardless, but hopefully these pages will be full...for my sake.

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