Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bye Bye Thrashing Threes...Hello FANTASTIC Fours (Please???)

As I start this post, it is 5:47 p.m. on your fourth birthday.  At this exact moment four years ago, you had slipped fairly easily as births go into this world a mere 3 minutes earlier...and you were perfect!  Four years later, you are still perfect...and a challenge.  But you wouldn't be Gokey without the stubborn streak that nearly brings your momma to her knees!  Ironic that the one of my babies who came early, without intervention on his own is the one who is so stubborn now.  I long for the pangs of labor and delivery now if they would calm the wild child beneath that sweet exterior! :)

If only you were always this peaceful!

Terrible twos have NOTHING on the 3rd year of Gokey!  We were indoctrinated into this realization very early on in this past year.  Last June on a night when your very pregnant momma was sleeping in the guest bed with a very sickly baby sister, you showed how strong your will was.  In the dead of night you trudged up the stairs from your basement bedroom for some unknown reason and Daddy met you at the top step.  As if you were the one unwillingly pulled from a sweet slumber at 2:30 a.m. you were GRUMPY.  Daddy matter of factly told you to go back to bed, to which your reply was a steadfast, "NO!"  So, he told you that you couldn't sleep with him, but he wasn't in the mood to fight you, and he retreated to the comfort of his bed leaving you standing in the entryway at the top of the stairs.  He drifted off to sleep since you just quietly stood there mere feet from our bedroom door, but he jerked awake to your shuffling feet as you changed positions and looked at the clock to see that it was then 3:30 a.m. meaning you had stood there for an entire hour strongly standing behind your decision to NOT go back down to bed.  At that point a compromise was reached and Daddy suggested you sleep on the couch to which you eagerly obliged. It's no secret you are a fan of buttons, especially Mommy's buttons.  You know exactly which days her patience is running thin and love to watch the ensuing circus when you shove her over the edge.  You have been my greatest teacher of patience, and though I am learning every day, I think I am better for it...at least I am trying to see the silver lining in your steely armor of stubbornness.


On the flip side...you are SUCH a sweet boy!  Despite your stubborn armor, you wear your very vulnerable heart on your sleeve.  You can muster up a collection of bottom-heavy tears to tumble from those endless brown eyes at the mere mention of disappointment or a stern look in your general direction.  Hugs of apology are strong and warm with sincerity and your teardrop laced eyelashes that are only like a mile long are enough to melt me into a puddle of mush.  And, I'm not the only one who has fallen under your spell.  You have a way of sucking people in.  You are adorable, funny, charming and debonaire in a way I have never seen such a small spirit display.  And, though you are so very sensitive your confidence in yourself when emotionally stable (when the threes haven't completely consumed you) is overwhelming!  You are rarely seen outside of the house without a fedora hat or one of your stylin' pairs of sunglasses and blue canvas shoes...and you wear them with authority, strutting your stuff.  One of your favorite personalities (yes, three year olds have multiple) developed in this past year is all-knowing.  You will proudly state, "I know everything," as an answer to...well, everything.  For example, "Gokey, why are you so cute." Your answer: "because I know everything!" Or you and X-man will begin arguing over whatever is so worth arguing about 47 times a day and you will eventually say, "I'm smarter than you," which for some reason isn't well received.  He will fall into the trap and say, "no you're not," and you will simply state, "I know everything."  At this point X-man will retort with a random math question (to which he doesn't even know the answer), such as, "what is 8 + 8?"  Your answer will come without hesitation..."7...see, I know everything!"

Such a doting big brother!

You must have gained all of this knowledge in your first year of preschool!  Yes, you are now two weeks from the end of this first year and how fun it has been. I think it has been all you hoped it would be.  Your teachers adore you (and your brother in the older class) and we were told after a few weeks into this year that they would be in PERFECT shape if they had classrooms full of Gokeys and X-men! :)  Apparently you are as charming within the realms of your classroom as you are within your family.  You also seem to be well loved among your classmates and are part of a rowdy trio of boys that often has to be put in their place, but we are told you listen well when this situation arises.  Being just a short 18 months behind your big brother, you are often competing for attention and time and you desperately want to be as cool and to know as much as he does (that's right...you DO know everything), but one of your strengths you have been gifted with is a great name-keeper.  Once you meet someone you remember their names instantly and forever.  It took X-man a full year before he could name some of his classmates, but you were all over it by the end of your first week.  You also have a gift for music!  You love to sing and we all know your affinity for DANCE!  Your moves continue to amaze us and we're not sure how you inherited such awesomeness!

There's so much more, but you know how busy this mommy gig keeps me...you would rather I sit and snuggle with you on the couch than record all of this nonsense anyway.  I love you, my sweet FOUR year old!  Happy Birthday...and slow down (sorry, I had to)!

Birthday treats for his class

First try on his NEW big boy bike!

Stella love!
Snowman love!