Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Man Growing...

The BIG 3! Amazing how quickly it all goes by and how breathless it leaves me every time one of these milestones comes and goes.  My littlest man (until July/August) turned three on Cinco de Mayo!  I try to do a Birthday Blog on the actual day, but this one was packed full of festivities and I didn't have time to even glance at the computer. So, Mr. it goes... :)

It seems that a year has shown that you have followed in your big brother's footsteps in at least one have a mind like a steel trap.  Just like the marshmallow gun that X-man begged for in the 8 months leading up to his birthday, you made a request months ago for a Batman cake and Batman car and toy for your birthday.  This was terribly odd because I'm not sure you have ever even seen anything batman and I honestly thought your tastes would change and other requests would replace it.  I was so very wrong and I had to do my Batman research to make your day perfect as the day drew near.  I think you are satisfied with the outcome! :)

You are still a small little guy, but what you lack in stature, you make up for in heart.  Your bottomless brown eyes still swallow me up and your Dad and I constantly giggle and comment on how absolutely adorable you are on a daily basis.  You put an extreme amount of emotion into everything you do.  I love (and so do your beloved extended family members) the random "I love you's" that escape your lips for no reason than to fill the space between us.  You are quick to dole out hugs and long snuggles on the couch and you insist on holding my hand wherever we may go.  You recently nuzzled into me and muttered, "'re a squeezy mom." If anyone else had said that I would have been appalled, but I couldn't help but adore the sentiment. Your facial expressions are limitless and we, as your parents, are not the only ones to notice. It seems you can contort your little mug to fit whatever feeling you are exuding at the moment and I would love to be able to capture each of them because they easily give me a glimpse into your little head.

The Many Faces of Gokey

You have done a lot of growing this year.  You are a rockstar on your little bike and love to show off your "wheelies" and can still dance the pants off of your Dad.  You are now self-sufficient in the restroom and reached that big milestone very suddenly after numerous attempts over months by announcing at lunch one day that you had to go potty.  You never looked back! I never get tired of listening to you and your brother pretending your days away when you don't know I am listening.  I especially love that you haven't grown up enough to keep your Batman figure from saying "I love you" to his fellow hero toys and that they always respond with the same affection.  We also can't forget that you became a BIG brother this year for the first time and have excelled in all aspects.  You are so attentive to your little sister and love to make her smile and laugh.  You have also embraced this new pregnancy to the full extent.  There is nothing that makes you happier than to find a bare piece of baby-filled belly to blow raspberries on with the hopes that you will get a return kick from within.  I think you kinda like being big brother for once, but the role of little brother is still pretty cool too. :)

Though you seem to have grown in all other areas of your little life, you are still the biggest mess that I have ever met!  You gladly and happily use a fork or spoon...with one hand.  Your other hand is generally firmly planted in whatever you are dishing into your mouth and all of it slides down your chin and into your lap as you attempt to slurp it up.  This is why the area around your seat is more valuable space than around your baby sister's, who intentionally chucks food to the dogs! :) I, and your future girlfriends, are hoping that you grow out of this stage soon!  I think, however, that this may be one of the big reasons that you and Stella-dog have such a tight bond...she knows she will never go hungry as long as she has you!

Maybe there's a piece of me that still treasures the mess that you are because it's not quite so grown up.  You will be starting your first year of preschool in 4 short months and you are desperately excited to do so.  You often wear your backpack when we drop X-man off at school and then you linger in the doorway hoping you just might be able to stay that day.  I am so excited for your first day of school, but once again so very torn.  You are my loveable, snuggleable, huggable, kissable little dude...I know the day that you push me away is just around the corner.  I promise to do my best to hold on as tight as I can until you do!

Happy Birthday, Gokey...thank you for 3 wonderful years!!!!

Love - Momma