Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Bliss!!!

Anybody who has been near and dear to me during my last two pregnancies can vouch that I spent more time vomiting than I spent daydreaming about the baby-to-be.  Which makes my neglect of this blog reasonable.  Yes, we are expecting Numero Tres...sometime in mid-July!!!  And...I'm sick, of course, though not nearly as bad as I was with the boys.  For that I am grateful.  I had my first midwife appointment this morning and we heard the sweet sweet "whoosh whoosh" sound of that itty bitty heartbeat to Daddy and the boys' delight and to my great relief! :)  I think I have been beaming ever since.  You would think that after going through two pregnancies with great outcomes, this would be old hat, but my anxiety has been much greater this go around.  I finally feel like I can get excited after this morning's appointment though, so that is my plan.

The boys, on the other hand, started their excitement weeks ago.  X-man is convinced that he is having a baby sister.  If you suggest that it might be a baby brother, we just don't know yet, he will adamantly insist that, "no, it's a baby sister."  I guess he has been there, done that with the baby brother thing, and is pretty sure he doesn't want another one of those.  Anytime you mention anything about a baby, Gokey comes straight to me and mumbles something about "baby" and "mommy" as he pats my belly.  I am actually surprised he gets as much of it as he does.  Since we told the boys about the impending arrival, Gokey has been carrying around my childhood Cabbage Patch doll and refers to him as his baby.  He's at an age where he just accepts the fact that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and that is good enough for him.  The process has been a little funnier with X-man.

Early on when I explained to him that I had a baby in my belly his next assumption was that it would somehow crawl out of my mouth.  After several very toddler appropriate conversations about how a baby would exit mom's body, one morning he put his hand on my belly as we were sitting on the couch together and said, "the baby is in your tummy and it's gonna grow and grow and grow, right?"

I responded, "yep," thinking that it was starting to click for him.

"And the baby is cute, right mom?" He questioned.

"I'm sure," I exclaimed, "both you and your brother are!"

"Mom, say 'Ahhhh,'" in his little toddler voice.

"Ahhhhh," I politely complied thinking we were changing subjects as 3 year olds are apt to do.

"Mom!  I don't see it!"

I suddenly realized he was peering down my throat in hopes to get a glimpse of his "baby sister."  Ok...maybe it's all a little over his head.  That conversation then turned into a vocabulary lesson about the little hangey-down thingy in the back of your throat and uvula is now one of his new favorite words.

Several days later it was very early in the morning.  The boys had just gotten up and Gokey was demanding cereal.  I was in a rush to get it together because if I don't get something in my stomach very quickly then I end up sick in the bathroom (hopefully that's where I end up sick, anyway).  I was delivering Gokey's gourmet meal to him to the sound of X-man asking for cartoons when I realized that there was no hope of breakfast for me because I needed to get to the bathroom ASAP.  Gokey was occupied with his cereal, but I didn't even have time to flip on the TV as I sprinted to the bathroom.  Obviously, X-man followed to see what was up and walked in to me kneeling in front of the toilet as I heaved.

I could feel him peering over my shoulder and he suddenly gasped, "OH NO!  The baby sister! It's gonna fall in the toilet!"

Between heaves I was trying to explain to him very calmly that the baby was just fine and was just making me a little sick.  He then proceeded to pat and rub my back as I finished up.  What a kid!  :)

I can't wait to see what precious moments are to come!  Yay for babies!