Friday, August 13, 2010

Telltale Signs...

After a long, less than restful night we have slept in much later than usual (7:30 am...woohoo), had a sugar rush during a donut breakfast (yes...hand over the "Mommy of the Year" award now), had a very short trip to the park due to a two year old who just couldn't stop throwing sand at any other kid that wandered into the sand box, a very messy bout of coloring, a little lunch and I finally have some quiet time as is evident by the creation of today's entry!  I am aware of the run-on sentence...I just couldn't figure out where to break it.  When nap time begins my first order of business is general clean-up...usually the lunch mess left behind by the hooligans who are sleeping and then the rest of the house that has been trashed in the preceding 6ish hours.  Today, I had to first take a quick bathroom run (sorry for the TMI, but it's relevant) and had to grin as I entered the master bath to find the evidence that a rugrat had been there before me at some point this morning.


Yes, one of Gokey's favorite activities is to rummage through my bathroom cabinets and drawers...not so much for primping, but more to attempt to ingest as many of the sweet smelling and probably very toxic pieces of momma's beauty repertoire as possible.  Needless to say, something else must have drawn him away because this is a truly mild form of disaster for him.  It quite possibly could have been the "bed" that big brother was making while I was preparing lunch that was enough to entice him from his own destruction.  


This blanket was freshly laundered and folded prior to a sand-laden X-man deciding it made a perfect addition to the basket of clean towels for the creation of his new "den".  Ah well...clean laundry is over-rated gets dirty so quickly these days.  As do walls!  I cringe on a daily basis at a simple glance at any of our walls in this house.


They are scuffed, colored on, drooled on, kicked, and smeared with various beverages and bodily fluids. I often lament that I just want to paint them today and have clean looking walls again.  So far my husband has been able to snap me back into reality on each of these occasions that it would be pointless at this time...and he is so right.  The rest of our home decor has suffered equally.  


This poor Willow Tree figurine has been decapitated so many times that she is permanently marred in the neck region.  Poor girl...but she still loves the small boy that she embraces, though he has a striking resemblance to the boy-suspect in her innumerable maulings!  There are countless other reminders that these clumsy, loud, short creatures lurk here on a regular basis.

Furniture has been replaced by colorful, obnoxious toys

beaming flashlight and flip flops have been quickly abandoned by their careless owner with the promise of lunch
Step stool, toilet paper out-of-Gokey-reach and "Everyone Poops" book marking a boys' bathroom
Permanently smudged glass and poor Tanner catching a much needed wink after a morning of "fight-or-flight"

Coloring supplies, kleenex discarded after a snotty wipe, a comb and foot scrubber that migrated from the bathroom in Gokey's fist, an injured lego helicopter and it's missing pieces, salt and pepper shakers and napkin holder that grew tired of being emptied on the dining room table...there is ALWAYS a similar smattering of items on this bar no matter how hard I try to keep it cleared.

These are all the pieces of evidence that our lives have been permanently altered.  This house we live in today is a far cry from the one inhabited "before kids".  Decorative candles, books and figurines have either been eaten, destroyed or placed out of reach.  Carpet is stained beyond recognition, beds often go unmade, and miniature trucks and boats can be found under every piece of furniture and sometimes in makeup drawers, inside pots and pans in the kitchen or in the front lawn.  Some may shake their heads..."what a shame that those kids are destroying that house".  Ahhhh...but, here is where they are wrong!  It's easy to get frustrated at the messes that have been left behind, but when I walked into the bathroom after laying my little munchkins down, it was that mess left behind that reminded me how lucky and truly blessed I am.  Maybe they are destroying my poor house piece by piece, but in doing so they have created our home.  

And here is some recent cuteness:

Lunching at Gigi's and Papa's and destroying their house for once...

X-man looks pained, but that is his cheesy smile on their
 after-shopping reward

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