Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Our New Friends...

Myrtle always leads the way... :)
We live in one of many developments in this area that have little ponds in the midst of all of these houses.  Our little pond is pretty well hidden and is not very close to our house...needless to say these ponds attract many feathered guests.  We have lived in this house for 3 years and, though there have been infrequent visits by pairs or small groups of ducks or geese into the central part of the neighborhood, this year has brought something new.  We have noticed a pair of mallards (I am assuming they are the same pair each sighting, only because this behavior is out of the ordinary) that have spent a lot of time just hanging out in random yards since early spring this year.  They made their first visit to our yard a couple of weeks ago.  The boys get EXTREMELY excited about this!  I think they would really like to love on these little friends, but Mac and Myrtle (yes...we named them today) don't share these same sentiments!

Awwww...come back!

Until today, every sighting in our yard has been out front...usually just laying together in the middle of the yard soaking up the sun.  Today, the sun has been MIA and a nice steady drizzle has taken its place.  I happened to walk past the back door and glance out to see them both in a wet corner of our yard, splashing in the growing puddle back there, happy as mallards in muck! :)  Myrtle then waddled across the yard, Mac willingly following, just checking it all out.  I love that they made a visit, just hope that they don't decide to do so when the dogs are back there on a nicer day! :)

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