Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos, Mr. Gokey...

Dear Gokey,

I knew when I had kids that they would grow up, but it still seems to catch me by surprise when another year rolls around.  Today you join the ranks of the Terrible Two-year olds...though, I am pretty sure you have solidified your membership long before today! :)  So, in my annual tribute to my littlest man, let's take a little stroll down memory lane.

Ahhhh...two years ago today.  At this moment I was exhausted, I believe I was trying to sleep through contractions that just wouldn't go away.  They had started the evening before and I told your dad, though they weren't at all painful, that I just knew that this was it, so if there was anything else he needed in the hospital bag, he should pack it before bed.  We had a failed trip to the hospital in the middle of that night and we were sent home at 6 am because there was no progression, but I still knew I would be holding you in my arms before long.  Mother's intuition usually doesn't fail!  So...I was napping...kind of.  We had a short appointment with the OB later in the morning where there was a little progression and he commented that he would probably see us in the middle of that night...I still knew it would be sooner.  Around noon, Daddy came in and woke me up to eat some lunch.  He made me a sandwich and I sat on my Yoga ball at the table to eat.  That's when the real deal hit.  I forced my sandwich down between intense contractions, knowing this would be my last meal until you arrived.  After lunch, Dad helped me downstairs and filled our big bathtub so I could soak.  I sat in there a LONG time while he and your brother played outside the bathroom.  It was a comfort to hear X-man's giggles and squeals and I couldn't wait to add another unique laugh to my little brood.  After my super soak, Dad helped me out of the tub and I told him to call Grandpa Moose to come over and hang with X-man so we could go back to the hospital...I knew I wouldn't be turned away this time.  I was right!  I was admitted and after having to change rooms several times due to odd things like heavy machinery jackhammering and beeping right outside of my birthing suite window, we were finally settled in.  Aunt Adie and Nana came to keep us company, but mostly kept each other company as Dad and I walked up and down the hallways for a couple hours, only stopping to monitor your steady little heart beat.  Only took a couple of hours and a brief bout of pushing for your squirmy little body to slip into this bright, beautiful world!  Your daddy called it weeks ahead of time.  He knew you would be born on Cinco de Mayo because of all of the mexican food I ate during my pregnancy...he must have known what he was talking about! :)  You came out so alert, beautiful and HUNGRY!  There is truly nothing like the moment I got to hold you in my arms for the first time.  Though we had a room full of doctors, nurses and family who witnessed your arrival, for a few perfect minutes it was just me and you.

A boy and his dog...
Fast forward two years's hard to believe you were ever that tiny!  You are still a little guy for your age, but you don't let that hold you back.  Afterall, you have to keep up with your big brother!  You are definitely a Momma's boy, which I am absolutely OK with, and you have a snuggly, affectionate side like no other.  You are a talker and, though it doesn't always come out like you want it to, you have very little problem communicating.  You are quick to hand out "I love you's", "please's" and "thank you's" to my delight.  You have big brown eyes that I could almost fall into...people comment on them everywhere we go, but you don't seem to notice or care.  Just like your momma, you have developed a true love for animals.  You are a little wary of the larger livestock type animals, but if it is canine or feline, you are magnetically drawn.  Your very favorite furry friend, though, is our Stella dog.  You love her and she loves you and the time you have spent in your short 2 years climbing on, snuggling with and lovingly torturing her most definitely outweighs the amount of time you have spent in slumber (not that that means a lot).  Your very best friend, however, is your big brother...I hope that it is always like that.  There is nobody cooler than X-man and you will attempt to repeat anything he says, complete any acrobatic feat he performs and get into any trouble he suggests...I adore the two of you together.

You told me you were just resting...
On the flip side, you have a stubborn streak rivaling nothing I have ever experienced!  At a mere two years of age I seriously think you have mastered the eye roll, and I expect I will see that expression for many years to come.  The attitude that you can wear is almost takes everything in me to remain stern when all I want to do is giggle at the little man that stands before me so defiant and a whopping 32 inches tall.  You are very emotional, and dramatic, but I love that about you...nobody can perfect the staggering fall to the floor, resting your forehead on the carpet in obvious distress like you have.  Your daddy may not be quite as dramatic, but one of the things I love about him is that he doesn't hold anything back...I hope you keep that quality as well.

I just helped your tearful little self into bed for a much needed nap and it took everything in me to make you stay there.  You don't know how much I wanted to spend the next couple of hours hugging you and reading you the same 14-word-total board books we have recited over the last couple of years.  But, alas, you must rest up for the celebrations to come.  I love you to pieces, little man.  Thank you for bringing your offerings of joy, chaos, laughter and love to this little family.  Happy Birthday!!!!
Such a little man...where did my baby go?


Momma :)

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  1. That seriously brought tears to my eyes! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!!! :)