Monday, July 30, 2012

ONE??? How Did THAT Happen?

So...I'm behind.  It's a theme these days.  I DO have a good excuse, I think.  I AM 40 weeks pregnant, planned and cleaned and prepped and baked for a FIRST birthday party and suffered through yet another week of pregnancy and teasing contractions and am exhausted...I think that gives me a good reason to slack a bit???  In my defense, I did start this on LAST Saturday (7/21), THE big day but there was just too much going on to finish it. it is:

What a year it has been!  One year ago today at this time I had contractions that were getting closer and more regular, but I was still in denial that they might actually result in a baby after being a WEEK overdue.  How is it that one week at that time felt like an eternity and this entire past year has disappeared in a flash???  Our little Jilly Bean has GROWN!

Where to start?  Perhaps the beginning is the right place. :)  You came into this world FAST!  Once active labor set in it was a short 2 1/2 hours for you to slide into this world and straight into our hearts.  As we examined you in your first moments of life on the outside we were initially struck by your ravenous appetite.  You came out ready to eat and you have been doing so ever since!  The second thing that struck us as odd was discovered during your first bath.  As the vernix and goo was washed off of your head your hair seemed so light.  After having two very dark-headed newborns preceding you, having a little blonde was not what I had pictured.  That's when our midwife's assistant, Christy, suggested she thought you were going to be a red head...and we laughed.  No laughing now!  We have a true red head on our hands...and an attitude to prove it! :)

A girl and her attendants

You started out SO relaxed and chill and I FINALLY got my champion sleeper after the zombie days of sleeplessness I had with your brothers as babies.  I think that those brothers have doted on and spoiled you so much (and maybe your dad and I have contributed a LITTLE), that you have learned to milk the world for all it's worth.  You have most definitely figured out how to make a little drama work for you...I think you have been paying far too much attention to your brother, Gokey's ploys!  You will contentedly play with the baby monitor, the glass dishes, cooking utensils or the hair dryer and suddenly realize that I am not watching or paying attention and suddenly you are a puddle of tears, pleading after me through the house, "Mamamamamamama....*gasp*...mamamamamama!"  It's very sad and heartwrenching.  If that doesn't work to get a quick snuggle then you will plop your (very padded) hiney on the floor and lean all the way forward until your forehead hits the hardwood with a "THUD" and wail.  THAT I am certain comes from your brother.  You two need to stop's bad for the household duties that need to get done, and clear that I would much rather cuddle with you than accomplish said household duties.

Speaking of adore them!  First smiles, giggles and all attention was and still is in the direction of those two idols of yours.  They love to run from one side of the house to the other to escape from the terrible "Jilly-Monster" and you toddle after them squealing with glee, arms waving through the air like a little ginger E.T.  Your biggest brother can often be found lugging you onto the nearest couch or bed for gentle wrestling matches to which you rarely protest and I have, more than once, found a very tearful Gokey when you have chosen to hand out kisses to everyone BUT him.  I think it's safe to say that the adoration is mutual!  Though you may be more hesitant to kiss your smaller big brother (don't blame you...he is definitely the droolier, stickier of the two), he is the one who truly owns your heart and is your biggest entertainer.  You follow him with your gaze wherever he goes hoping to catch his next hilarious antic to which you double over with giggles.  I love the love you three share and hope it continues to the end of time.

You are suddenly in the last few weeks really coming out of your shell and it has been delightful watching your new personality blossom.  You have learned the power of "no" with a shake of your head to EVERYTHING that is asked or said in your general direction.  Are you hungry?  You shake your head and then devour whatever is set in front of  you.  Can I have a kiss?  You shake your head and then lean in with mouth open wide, but only after we beg.  Do you wanna take a bath?  You shake your head and then dash to the bathroom to get your splash on.  I think it's safe to say you may be a little confused on the whole yes/no thing, but am confident you will figure it out.  In the meantime we will just continue to not take you so seriously. You have also become very good at scolding...especially your brothers when they are downstairs and have left you locked behind that nasty gate at the top of the stairs.  You will stand there and rant at them in a slur of undecipherable grunts and shouts, but it is clear that you are definitely in control.  Within that tough little exterior, with your ruby curls, though, is a sweetness that's hard to define.  You began hugging, wrapping around and pressing your little body into whomever's body it is you have decided to trust at the moment at a very young age.  And you possess a smile that lights up a room.  Even Stella-dog seems content to share her bed with you when you plop your little body next to hers, though there's not really room to share.

Stella love!

You have stolen our hearts...not that there was any doubt that you would.  I can't imagine a world without my Jilly-bug.  Your world is about to change, though, as is so very evident by this giant belly that has an expiration date of today (ahem...any time now, kid) and it makes me wince to think how confusing this will all be to you.  I know the Irish temper that accompanies your rouge locks will carry you through and perhaps I should be more concerned about how I will fare. :)  As your brothers have embraced their little sister, I know you will find the same love for a new baby brother...and I can't wait to see it unfold.  Happy (Belated) Birthday, Little Girl!

You'll freak when you see it! LOL

She was NOT disappointed

The Aftermath
Clean-up in the sink


  1. Awwww super great memoir... Time to get on with the next one.. You certainly have a talent with words:)