Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IT'S A...

Do you really wanna know???  If you have talked to me in the last 10ish weeks, you have most likely heard me say something along the lines of, "I would be willing to bet this house that I am having another girl."  I was horribly, awfully, miserably sick from 6 weeks until the bitter end with both of my boys.  My pregnancy with Jilly Bean was drastically different.  Still sick, but SO so so much much better...dare I say, tolerable?  :)  This one has been very similar to the last.  Sickly for the first 10-12 weeks, but then very much back on track and feeling well.

We had our big sonogram today and took X-man with us for the occasion.  He is so intrigued with the whole process and has 4 million questions, so we thought he would really like to see his baby sibling on the big screen.  He was very attentive and J spent the whole time being the technician's "Vanna White," pointing to and explaining everything that we were seeing on the big screen.  Our technician even asked if he could stay the rest of the day to explain it all to her following patients. :)  He would tell X-man, "see, there's HER little arm," or, "look, there's her heart beating."  The tech finally got to the end of the process after checking out all of the vitals and said, "uh, Dad...that's no girl!"  It is true...we are having BOY #3!!!!  So absolutely shocked because I was so convinced that this was another girl!  I am stoked, however, that I am not miserable and heaving into the toilet at this very moment as history would suggest I should be.  J was so shocked that he asked her to go back and get a second look at the "evidence" to make sure it was correct...there's really no mistaking it, though. :)

So...Jilly will be a very spoiled, heavily protected little girl and we are so so so excited to be welcoming our 4th baby and 3rd little boy into this beautiful world!  Yay for boys...and thank God for perfect, tiny blessings!


  1. Ah...what an awesome story. It touched me to hear about Ethan's involvement. I am so proud of you for your strength. I am happy J is such a wonderful and supportive husband. Hugs to the clan! Luv Ya Girl!