Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quote of the Day...

After the excitement of the morning happened to be the delivery of our shingles in preparation of our new roof to happen tomorrow, X-man and J had a conversation about tractors this evening.  It went like this:

X-man:  "Wook, Dad, a twactor," exclaimed as he held up one of his toys.
J: "That's actually a bulldozer."
X-man:  "No! It's not a bull-bozer, it's a twactor."
J:  "No...it's really a bulldozer."
X-man:  "No, Dad!  It's a fwont-end woader!"
J:  "No, it's a...wait...it is a front-end loader!"

Guess he told him!  One of my developing skills as a mother is to hone up on my tractors...getting pretty good! :) 

They love all things large and truck-like! :)

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